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Diesel Fuel- What You Need To Know

Most of the articles and pages here at focus on the diesel engines. From maintenance to repairs and overhauls, we do it all and are happy to share our knowledge on these amazingly powerful units. However, there is one critical component of diesel engine function that sometimes gets overlooked- the diesel fuel itself!

Diesel fuel first came to prevalence in the 1890’s but was largely disregarded as a legitimate fuel type for many years after. It was sluggish in its earliest inceptions and highly inefficient. Now, after years of refining and modifying, diesel is one of the biggest fuel sources and is used in machinery that span many industries. If you are looking to invest in a diesel engine or generator for the first time or trying to get better acquainted with your existing unit, our technicians are here to share all of their diesel knowledge with you.

What is diesel?

Diesel fuel is an oily fuel that is a result of crude oil refining. Crude oil had been used to create other types of fuel- such as kerosene- since the early 1850’s. However, diesel fuel was not created until 1895. German inventor and engineer Rudolf Diesel sought out to create a use for the other, then useless, petroleum byproducts. From these experiments, diesel fuel and the first prototype diesel engine were born.

Chemically, diesel fuel is a mixture of saturated hydrocarbons. The three main classes found in diesel are naphthenic, aromatic, and paraffinic hydrocarbons. Occasionally, you might find olefins and isoparaffins as well. These organic compounds consist of hydrogen and carbon atoms single, double or triple bonded together. They are highly combustible and are what makes diesel such a great fuel source.

Why use diesel fuel?

Diesel fuel usage comes with a variety of advantages. However, many people still think of diesels as they used to be: loud, noxious, and expensive. This is far from the truth these days and diesel has become one of the country’s best fuel options. Some of the reasons to use diesel fuel are:

According to the EIA, or the U.S Energy Information Administration, one gallon of diesel fuel contains an 18% to 30% higher energy density than a gallon of gasoline fuel. This means that a diesel engine will be more efficient than a comparable gas generator and can save you considerable amounts of money. Diesel fuel is truly an American fuel type. In the year 2015, an impressive 96% of diesel consumed in the country was produced domestically. Buying diesel supports companies and workers right here at home. Diesel engines are far sturdier and more reliable than their gas counterparts. Because diesel engines have less moving parts and no electrical components, a diesel engine can go much longer (sometimes twice as long!) without maintenance than a gas engine. Not only will this save you considerable amounts of time, but it will also be a much easier option on your wallet.

RPM Diesel is dedicated to providing you with the absolute best. That is why we deal in diesel engines- because we believe that it is the most efficient, cost effective, and versatile option for any industry. If you are looking into purchasing a new diesel engine, or need maintenance and repairs for an existing unit, you can count on RPM Diesel. Call us at (229) 200-9783 or visit our technicians in person at 2555 W State Road 84, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312.

Diesel Fuel

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