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Kohler Marine Generator

Kohler Marine Generator

If you want the utmost levels of comfort and peace of mind while venturing out into the water means you need to have control over all aspects of your vessel. A Kohler marine generator allows for elegant style living aboard your boat. It allows for a level of comfort that’ll match what you’d expect from a home while permitting you, your friends, loved ones, or clientele to actively explore your nautical destinations. Kohler provides elegance and comfort at sea. It is no mystery as to why world class yacht builders turn to the reliability and excellence of a Kohler marine generator when putting together these ships.

RPM Diesel has been providing professional services on varying types of marine diesel engines and marine diesel generators in the greater South FL area for over 60 years. Our team has specialized experts in all aspects of our industry to ensure that we are giving you the best services and information available from all angles of the service you require. We can dispatch a knowledgeable, acquiescent marine diesel specialist to your location in order to diagnose a problem or simply familiarize themselves with the engine or generator you need to be serviced. Our skilled team can guarantee excellent service on your Kohler marine generator.

Our team at RPM Diesel is dedicated to making sure your diesel engines and/or generators are always running safely and with vigor. We are certified resellers of all the major brands we stock, only carrying genuine parts for your Kohler marine generator. Some of our Kohler marine generator parts include:

  • Fuel Filters
  • Coil Ignitions
  • Kit Alternators

Kohler fuel filters are among the most effective in their class. It serves to filter out small, unwanted particulates in the fuel.  This helps maintain your engine free of debris ensuring better performance and a longer lifespan. Coil Ignitions are what start up your engine making it purr with life. Coil Ignitors work ramping up voltage high enough to create a spark. This spark is what ignites your engine’s fuel and allows your engine to power up. Your Kit alternator is what provides additional electrical power to your engine while helping charge the battery as it is running. It helps provide optimal power levels and keeps your battery healthy and powered.

We have been providing competitively priced marine diesel services of all kinds since 1956. We provide our employees with yearly learning tools specific to their respective team responsibilities because we understand the value of continuous education. We want our staff to constantly be up to date the machinery in our industry and always be improving upon their servicing, maintenance, and repairing skills so that they deliver the best service to you possible. Some of our services at RPM Diesel Engine Company include:

  • Diesel Engine Maintenance
  • Diesel Engine Overhauls
  • Fuel Injection Services
  • Turbocharger Services
  • Diesel Generator Repair
  • New Installations
  • Parts Replacements

Contact our team at RPM Diesel Engine Co. to schedule service, repairs, or maintenance for your Kohler Marine Generator. We can help protect your investment and keep your vessel powered and afloat for years to come.

Kohler Marine Generator

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