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Westerbeke Diesel

Westerbeke Diesel

Westerbeke Diesel has been in operation for over 75 years. They offer dependable power, engine and generator solutions for many marine apparatus both for commercial and personal use. They have an abundant collection of marine power solutions to properly handle the needs of all their customers no matter how big or small. Westerbeke manufacturers a large number of products; some of their inventory categories include:

  • Climate Control Systems
  • Diesel & Gasoline Fueled Generators
  • Diesel Propulsion Engines

Westerbeke machinery has minimal vibration, protracted service life, and operates with low noise. Westerbeke has taken an innovative approach since they’ve been in operation, continuously striving to execute game-changing advances in engine safety, while also creating proficient means to reduce engine size and weight. This in combination with better performances in not only exhaust emissions, but also fuel consumption, has made Westerbeke an environmentally positive influence and industrial example for similar businesses.

RPM Diesel is a respected and trusted diesel engine maintenance provider. As with any quality machine, regular maintenance will keep your engine running properly and will save you costly repair or replacement costs as well as your invaluable time. Preventative preparation will save any individual unneeded grief in whatever activity they are participating in. Nobody, from the personal consumer taking their vessel out for leisure to a large company operating a multitude of diesel cargo ships, wants to break down while at sea. If found in this situation you will be faced with the huge expense of getting towed back to a port and then having to call for emergency repairs to be done. RPM Diesel can help you will all your Westerbeke diesel needs including:

A healthy fuel system is an essential part of a healthy engine. The fuel system refers to a conglomeration of crucial elements such as the fuel injectors, filter, pump, tank, and lines. RPM Diesel ensures that all these vital elements remain in good shape so that you can retain good fuel efficiency, engine performance, and avoid unnecessary repair costs. RPM can perform a complete diesel engine overhaul where the engine is fully disassembled; all parts are then cleaned and assessed for damage. If the parts are in good condition they are reused otherwise they are replaced. Diesel generator repairs require many of the same procedures as a typical engine repair; RPM diesel will approach the situation with care and professional expertise. A turbocharger installation can double your engine’s horsepower while simultaneously saving you money through better performance and fuel efficiency. Contact RPM today to schedule diesel engine maintenance, repair, or to install better performance kits.

Westerbeke Diesel

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