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Diesel Engine Restoration

Diesel Engine Restoration

Diesel Engine Restoration

When your engine is old and worn beyond regular repairs, consider a Diesel Engine Restoration, or rebuild with RPM! This process si also referred to as a rebuild or an overhaul.

RPM Diesel Engine Co offers overhaul services to rebuild your engine, as well as many others for your diesel equipment. In fact, RPM Diesel has spent the past sixty-four years building a reputation as the most reliable and knowledgeable diesel repair and maintenance shop on this side of the United States. That’s right, we have been working with diesel engines since 1956! Your marine vessel or boat is powered at its heart by a strong diesel engine.

Diesel engines, and any engine truly by their very nature are e self-damaging and succumb to breakdowns, especially if not maintained properly. Many of the problems caused by these breakdowns can be mitigated, or even avoided entirely by simply having a trusted shop like RPM diesel regularly performing maintenance, or even upgrading the engine itself. Additionally, even with the best in class repairs and maintenance, no combustion engine lasts forever without serious upgrades or total replacement. These upgrades are referred to as an “engine overhaul”  and are one of the more advanced services we perform at RPM diesel. Read on to learn more about this service, and why we think you should consider it if you own a marine vessel!

The main reasons to get an engine overhaul on your boat are:

  • Improved fuel efficiency!
  • Increased engine performance!
  • Cheaper than a full replacement!
  • When your engine has totally broken down.

The reason you may need to consider this for yourself is primarily due to age and wear. Over time, diesel engines suffer from hours of use and will begin to falter in performance, particularly in the categories mentioned above. Rather than spending a small fortune during the process of an overhaul, your engine is taken apart and every component cleaned. Next, an assessment of wear and tear is made on the newly cleaned engine. at this time components that have reached their limit should be replaced with new ones. This kind of service is complex and time-consuming, and if you choose to do an overhaul know that it’s best to take care of every single replacement part at once for cost-effectiveness. Some of the overhaul processes might include:

  • Governor rebuild
  • Pressure testing of the Water Jacket
  • Cylinder head valve, seat grinding, and rebuild
  • Valve cam grinding

An Engine Overhaul will breathe new life into your marine Vessel. For more info on this service, or any of our other services. Contact RPM Diesel today at: 1-800-660-6304. Let us restore your boat to full operating power!

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