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Florida Marine Diesel Repair

Florida Marine Diesel Repair

Florida Marine Diesel Repair

RPM Diesel is the longest running, most experienced Florida Marine Diesel Repair facility in the Sunshine State.

RPM primarily serves the marine industry, we offer diesel engine repairs, installations, and upgrades at our marine ship repair facility. If you own a diesel-powered boat, you know how important marine engine maintenance and upkeep are. That’s why we’re the best choice for the job because we understand just how significant it is. If you’ve already got an idea of how important marine engine maintenance and upkeep are, you know how important it is to keep up with regular marine engine repair services and updates. Consequently, we know we’re the only company for the job. We understand this better than anyone. A boat powered by a diesel engine is just like any other boat. It has electrical components, like refrigerators and sound systems, that need power, which is almost always supplied by a marine diesel generator.

Engines and generators both require regular maintenance to avoid total failure. An engine or generator is a type of motor that uses a lot of heat and pressure to create combustion by design. Even coolant and oil distribution systems, which are intended to reduce self-harm, wear and breakdowns. While systems like these are in place to avoid harm, they themselves will inevitably suffer wear and breakdowns.

One of the significant marine maintenance tasks we perform here is on the fuel injection system. The fuel injection system is an indispensable portion of any diesel engine. We use procedures and devices validated and authorized by BOSCH to guarantee the highest quality service as close as possible to what the producer offers on your fuel line. We use equipment and techniques tested and calibrated to the very high and precise standards set by BOSCH in order to provide a quality service as close to what the manufacturer provides. If you’re looking for more power, RPM diesel may also have turbocharger installation and repair. Turbochargers are a type of forced induction that allow for greater amounts of air to enter the engine and, as a result, provide substantial power and performance boosts. In many cases, it is up to double factory power.

There are so many electrical appliances and amenities available for boats these days that require electrical energy generated by the onboard generator. Electricity is generated using gasoline or diesel fuel by converting it into useable energy for radios, fridges, air conditioners, navigation systems, and more. Having an operable marine generator when at sea is crucial for having a comfortable and safe experience. If your generator is in need of repair or maintenance, please stop by and mention it. We’ll also address your other marine diesel needs.

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