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Diesel Boat Services

Bosch Factory Authorized Repair Shop

Diesel Boat Services

With RPM diesel, you know and Diesel Boat services you need will be performed by a licensed, trained, and experienced team.

RPM Diesel is a leading diesel shop located in South Florida. Our expertise lies in repairing marine diesel-powered vessels and their components. From engines to cooling, oil, and propulsion systems, we can handle it all. We are also skilled at repairing or replacing marine diesel-powered generators. While we can fix these components when they fail, it’s always best to be proactive and get ahead of any potential issues.

Diesel work requires a great deal of knowledge and skill, along with the proper tools and environment to perform the work. Diesel repair is even more challenging than typical machine work, as it demands a level of experience that most mechanics lack, especially those with no mechanical background. RPM Diesel boasts a team of highly skilled technicians with years of combined experience. We offer a wide range of both necessary and emergency services for your Marine Diesel Engines and Generators. Our repair facility has been serving clients since 1991, and we have built a strong reputation for our exceptional skillset and scope of repair and maintenance work. We have the necessary techs and tools to ensure that your repairs, replacements, or overhauls are done correctly. Check out our list of services and give us a call for any work you need on your Marine Diesel Vessel and components.

It’s inevitable that your boat’s engine or generator will eventually require maintenance. This is a common occurrence for any vehicle or vessel, and preventive measures have been put in place to minimize the possibility of malfunctions. Examples of these measures include oil flow systems that reduce friction on moving components, as well as cooling systems that remove and distribute heat effectively. Despite the existence of these systems, it’s still likely that your machines will break down gradually. Additionally, these same systems may also experience malfunctions and require repairs. RPM is the ideal location to get your maintenance work done.

To ensure the prolonged life of your boat, it is imperative to perform preventive maintenance on a regular basis. However, even with proper maintenance, your boat’s systems may eventually malfunction. In such cases, it is recommended to get it inspected at a credible marine diesel repair center such as RPM. Our team of experts can assess the extent of the damage or malfunction and provide you with the best options for repairs, replacements or overhauls. Repair involves replacing smaller parts that can help major components or systems to work correctly. Replacement is necessary when the damage is extensive and beyond repair. Lastly, overhaul is required when the engine is beyond repair and needs to be stripped down and reworked completely.

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