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Marine Diesel Overhaul

Diesel Engine Repair & Maintenance

Marine Diesel Overhaul

RPM Diesel is South Florida’s top repair center for marine vessels including complex services like a Marine Diesel Overhaul for your boat’s engine. This is just one of the many services we offer for vessels at our marine facility in Fort Lauderdale. We’ve been serving the east coast since 1956, and we pride ourselves on being one of the region’s leading diesel mechanics. Diesel engines are similar to those found in diesel trucks, but they’re specifically built for boats. These machines are prone to breakdowns and are not well-maintained by their nature. Some repairs to a diesel engine can be mitigated by committing to a regular maintenance schedule with a certified, trustworthy diesel shop. However, the nature of an engine is forever and eventually needs to be pulled out, and incredibly reworked or upgraded in order to continue operating.  These upgrades are referred to as an “engine overhaul”  and are one of the more complicated services we provide at RPM Diesel. Get to know more about this service, and why we think it is so significant if you own a marine vessel!

Firstly, A Marine Diesel Overhaul is an advanced service and is not something that you will need for regular maintenance. With regular maintenance plans, which is something we always recommend, it will be a long time and many miles at sea before you consider an overhaul. However, even with the best maintenance, no engine lasts forever. When your boat is struggling due to engine components that simply cannot be fixed with regular repairs. Its time for an Overhaul

There are several reasons to consider a Marine Diesel Overhaul for your engine. Including, but not limited to

  • Greater Fuel Economy
  • More powerful engine performance
  • Less financial investment than a total engine replacement
  • A good option when no other options remain due to critical failures.

Despite the fact that combustion engines are built with violent explosions in mind, wear and tear is the main reason for all of this, and ultimately the reason for all of this. Over time, diesel engines suffer from hours of use and are in danger of failing in performance, especially in the categories mentioned above. The process of dismantling and cleaning an engine is far easier as opposed to an overhaul, resulting in component wear and tear. At this point, components that have reached their limit should be replaced with new ones. This type of service is complex and time-consuming, and if you decide to overhaul your engine, be sure to complete all of its replacement parts at once for cost-effectiveness. Some of the overhaul techniques might include:

  • Rebuilding the Engine Governor
  • Water System and Component pressure testing
  • Cylinder Repair
  • Grinding of cam heads and cylinder walls.

RPM Diesel is your stop to have any repairs done on any Marine Diesel Vessel you own, call or come in to see why we have been operating for decades and won’t slow down soon!

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