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Marine Generator

Marine Generator

Kohler Marine Generator

If you are looking to integrate an ample amount of comfort and power resource into your vessel you’ll need the proper tools for controlling these aspects of your vessel. Kohler provides the marine diesel engine industry with high-quality marine generator systems. They are regarded as some of the most reliable manufacturers of professional quality genset for marine diesel engine systems. A Kohler marine generator will allow you to reap the opulence of luxury style living aboard your vessel. With a professional generator system from Kohler, you will be able to enjoy a level of comfort that you’d expect from your home while exploring any aquatic destinations that you may want to visit. RPM Diesel Engine Co. serves the marine diesel industry as a professional maintenance, installation, and repair service company. Our company has been serving clients for over for over 60 years.

Having your regularly scheduled maintenance services for your Kohler marine generator will ensure that your system is performing optimally even years down the road from your initial purchase. A Kohler marine generator has the same basic components as your vessel’s main engine is a more compact version. A marine generator is essentially a miniature version of your vessel’s engine that is used to power your boat’s comfort electronic systems. A Kohler marine generator is one of the best systems available in the industry. If you want to retain your system performance and longevity you will need to treat it with the same level of care and attention as you do your vessel’s main engine.

If you ever encounter a problem with your Kohler marine generator system it is imperative that you get it serviced as soon as possible. Choosing to ignore noticeable problems can cause other malfunctions among your system that work synergistically with whatever component may be failing. RPM Diesel has an extensively trained and specialized team of factory authorized service technicians. Our staff has encountered, seen, and helped resolve just about any problem that can arise with your marine diesel engine and generator systems. We have a team of marine technology specialists that can help maintain your Kohler marine generator system and take care of any problems that you may encounter with your vessel.

All of the repairs that we take on at RPM Diesel are performed with genuine company parts. We never settle or take “will do” components in our services because we understand that in order to maximize system performance and prevents problems from returning prematurely that the repair should be taken care of by a professional according to factory specifications. If you selected a Kohler marine generator for you vessel then you want your system to perform like the quality piece of machinery that it is. You didn’t settle for a second rate generator brand so don’t settle for a second rate service provider. RPM Diesel offers you experienced and highly knowledgeable service technicians. Contact us today to schedule services with us for your Kohler marine generator or vessel engine.

Marine Generator

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