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Turbocharging a Diesel Engine

Turbocharging a Diesel Engine

There are many ways to increase the capabilities of your marine diesel engine system. Fuel injection services, regular maintenance, and turbocharging services are some of the best ways to increase your engine performance as well as fuel economy. When you have your marine diesel engine system properly serviced through an experienced and knowledgeable technician you can help your engine reach its optimal performance levels and ensure that you are taking care of any problem areas quickly. Taking care of any issues encountered with your diesel engine with urgency will help prevent those problem areas from causing further complication to other components of your vessel. If you have been looking into turbocharging a diesel engine of your own system then it’s time that you consider RPM Diesel Engine Co. Our team is consists of a group of seasoned engineers who have helped manage and maintain marine diesel engine systems for a number for a number of years. We are a professional South Florida based marine diesel engine service and parts provider. Our team can help take care of all your diesel engine system needs including regularly scheduled maintenance, complete engine overhauls, marine diesel engine upgrades, and parts provision. We carry state of the art equipment at RPM Diesel, if you have been considering turbocharging a diesel engine system for your vessel you can select from major brands such as:

  • Borg Warner
  • Cummins
  • Mitsubishi
  • Schwitzer
  • Garrett
  • Holset

The mechanics at RPM Diesel have been extensively trained to proficiently address any problems with marine diesel engine systems. When turbocharging a diesel engine system we understand the procedures for the proper integration of your new turbocharger into your vessel. If you decide to turbocharge your marine diesel engine system you can reap extensive benefits such as lowering your engine emissions. This means that turbocharging your vessel will actually help make it more ecologically-friendly than without it. Turbocharging a diesel engine will also considerably improve torque and consequently your overall towing power. RPM Diesel Engine Company has helped serve both clients with recreational marine diesel vessels and clients looking to service industrial marine diesel engine ships.

A turbocharging service for your marine diesel engine system has the ability to double your vessel’s horsepower. If you have been looking for better fuel efficiency and higher overall engine performance then turn to the experts at RPM Diesel. Turbocharging a diesel engine system will require minimal maintenance, meaning that you can enjoy a worry free upgrade on your engine that you have inspected at the same time as when receiving your regularly scheduled maintenance services.

Our team at RPM Diesel Engine Co. are industry experts. We have the experience and skill set to provide our clients with premium quality services for any of their marine diesel engine necessities. Contact our team of experts at RPM Diesel with any inquiries regarding our parts, repair, and maintenance services.

Turbocharging a Diesel Engine