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MTU Marine Diesel

MTU Marine Diesel

RPM Diesel Engine Co. has made name for ourselves through the provision of high-quality marine engine distribution along with repair and maintenance services. We have extensive experience working with MTU Marine Diesel engine systems. We have been servicing the greater South Florida are as well regions of the Caribbean since 1956. RPM Diesel Engine Company can provide service on your marine diesel engine and marine diesel generator both on and off site. We are factory authorized dealers for MTU Diesel as well as other major brands in the industry such as:

  • Detroit Diesel
  • Northern Lights
  • Kohler

Our expert technicians at RPM Diesel Engine Co. are extensively trained by our company as well as the actual manufacturers. As certified dealers for MTU marine diesel engine, we have immediate access to factory representatives to help us obtain common as well as hard to find parts for sale and servicing purposes. We can have these genuine MTU marine diesel parts shipped to any location in the world or have them ready for servicing to get your vessel back to optimal conditions. If you opt to get service performed by our professional and knowledgeable mechanics you can rest assured that the repair will be taken care of correctly with care, skill, and experience.

MTU marine diesel engines must be properly serviced through regularly scheduled maintenance provision to ensure that it is continually running at peak performance. Just as with any kind of vehicle proper engine maintenance is the only sure way to avoid costly, unexpected repairs and keep your machine running proficiently for years down the line. Our service technicians at RPM can handle any problems you may be having with your MTU marine diesel engine or genset with dexterity and haste.

If you are looking for a simple way to get more performance from and better fuel economy from your MTU marine diesel engine RPM Diesel can help. A diesel fuel injection service performed by one of our expert technicians ensure that your engine is receiving the proper amount of fuel at the appropriate times. Your engine’s fuel system is a vital part of your vessels overall health. Once you have ensured that all the necessary services have been performed on your engine you can begin to consider system upgrades. Turbocharging services are one of the most efficient and economically feasible ways to increase your vessel’s horsepower while also helping overall fuel efficiency for your MTU marine diesel engine.

If you have been encountering several problems with your MTU marine diesel system but aren’t sure what the best approach for taking care of the issues proficiently is, you may be in need a complete engine overhaul. During this process, one of our expert service technicians will take apart your engine, clean every part, and replace worn and damaged pieces of the engine before putting it back together. A complete diesel engine overhaul performed by a professional is a sure fire way to get your vessel performing as well as it did when the engine was new. Contact us today to get MTU Marine Diesel engine and genset parts or services from a reliable provider.

MTU Marine Diesel