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Holset Turbo Parts

Holset Turbo Parts

RPM Diesel Engine Co. is a trusted diesel engine maintenance and repair provider for all major brands. Our team of skilled technicians can provide your vessel’s engine with services as complicated as a complete overhaul to as simple as the provision of genuine engine parts. RPM offers our customers diesel engine fuel injection services as well as engine turbocharger installations and repairs. We carry genuine Holset turbo parts for the proper restoration of your vessels turbocharger system. Holset turbo parts were designed specifically to integrate with the trusted Cummins diesel engine system. Having your turbocharging system serviced by our expert technicians at RPM Diesel with Holset turbo parts will help your vessel achieve optimum engine performance.

A Holset turbocharger is one of the most reliable and effective upgrades that you can provide your diesel engine with. A high quality and professionally installed turbocharger can provide your vessel’s engine with a multitude of benefits including:

  • Increased engine horsepower (In some cases up to double the original horsepower)
  • Improved fuel efficiency with overall better engine performance
  • Improved towing capabilities
  • Calls for minimal maintenance
  • More powerful engine torque
  • Decreased engine emissions

RPM Diesel can provide you with a professional Holset turbocharger for your marine diesel engine. The turbochargers that we can integrate into your diesel engine system can be expected to last as long as your vessel’s diesel engine with the provision of regular maintenance and care. A Holset turbocharging system is of the most efficient ways to increase horsepower while simultaneously improving fuel performance.

While caring for your Holset turbocharger you should ensure that there is always an ample supply of high quality and clean oil in the system. Allowing your turbocharger to wind down after prolonged periods of use (before completely shutting it off) will also help the unit’s overall longevity. This allows the system to properly cool and prevents the oil on the bearings from super heating. Taking these precautions will help minimize the carbon build up on the turbocharger and protect it from future system failure.

RPM Diesel can provide your marine diesel engine with trusted Holset turbo parts to maintain the benefits the turbocharging upgrade brings to your vessel. We have been highly trusted service providers within our industry for over six decades. Our expert service providers at RPM Diesel can ensure that your diesel engine turbocharger is consistently working optimally with regularly scheduled maintenance. We will make sure that your system is always equipped with a clean air filter, has regular oil changes performed, and check its Holset turbo parts to see that they are working as new and not wearing down.

Since 1956 we have been offering our customers the highest quality marine engine and marine generator parts and services. RPM Diesel has become synonymous with dependability within the marine diesel engine industry because of our track record for proficient services and high levels of customer satisfaction. Contact our marine engine experts at RPM Diesel Engine Company for the provision of high-quality diesel engine parts and services. Our professional staff can help clarify any information about our products or services that we offer.

Holset Turbo Parts

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