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Florida Marine Diesel Mechanic

Florida Marine Diesel Mechanic

Florida Marine Diesel Mechanic

RPM Diesel is a Florida Marine Diesel Mechanic with years of Experience. What Makes Marine Diesel great?

Fueling is much better for diesel engines than tradfitionmal gas. Diesel fuel typically costs about 20% more than gasoline, and even with the dramatic price increase in the last decade, the savings are still significant. For example, in 2000, a 10,000-gallon gas tanker would have cost about $160,000 to fuel with diesel, compared to about $50,000 for the same truck using diesel. The savings in fuel costs are significant because fewer engines are required, less maintenance is required, and less damage is caused by the mechanical systems. In addition, if you own a fleet of commercial trucks, cars, or boats, you can save even more on fuel costs by implementing a fleet fueling strategy. Look into your operational costs to find the fuel that is the most efficient with your fleet.

More effective and safer in-water propulsion than other methods of fueling.

In-water propulsion uses the engines to drive propellers that are connected to the boat’s hull. In this type of propulsion, the engine is reverse-engineered to work as a generator. This means the engine produces electricity that is used to power the drive mechanism, lights, and other vital equipment. This provides a more efficient and effective way to travel between destinations, and it reduces fuel use by up to 50%. This is a very attractive option for anyone who relies on their boat for travel. The advantage of in-water propulsion is that it requires very little maintenance, it is very safe, and it does not produce any emissions.

Robustness against breakdowns

Broken-down engines need to be removed from the water and broken down on land, where they are less harmful to the environment and human health. Diagrammatic drawings of the various parts of a diesel engine are not only difficult to understand but they are also very misleading. The cylinder, fuel pump, combustion chamber, piston, and valves are all very similar in both the diesel and gasoline engines, making this a difficult fight to win. In a marine engine, the diesel part is called the cylinder head, and the same goes for the gasoline part, the crankcase. The advantage of working with a marine-powered equipment is that it helps to ensure that the engine is very robust against breakdowns. As marine engines are more expensive to buy and maintain, they are also very expensive to repair if something goes wrong.

Even if your engine suffers, you have a Florida Marine Diesel Mechanic with decades of experience under their belt- RPM Diesel! Call today for an appointment.

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