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General Marine Diesel Maintenance

Fuel Injection Service Ft Lauderdale

General Marine Diesel Maintenance

RPM Diesel offers advanced and General Marine Diesel Maintenance services for your marine vessels. For over half a century, our clients have trusted our growing and professional operation with their investments. After all, a marine vessel is an investment, not just a transportation device. Boats of all shapes and sizes require a commitment to maintaining them to protect that investment. That’s why RPM diesel strives to be the top shop for all your Marine Diesel Service needs. we’re always ready to take on new clients, so read on to learn about some of the services we offer and why we are #1!

Common Rail
The fuel injection system in any marine vessel is a very delicate and precise mechanism that takes an equally delicate and precise repair process to ensure success. That’s why we’re certified by major brands like BOSCH to do the work on their Common Rail Fuel Injection Systems. We keep a sterilized clean room and perform these repairs using highly monitored systems done on a real BOSCH test and repair bench. The job we do is equal to or better than having your fuel injection system repaired or replaced directly by the manufacturer.

Marine Generators
If you enjoy the electrical amenities on your vessel then you likely already know the value and importance of an operable Marine Diesel Generator. These devices work similarly to engines in that they convert fossil fuels to electrical energy. This can be used to power everything from TVs to radios, to extra Ac, or even refrigerators and entertainment. Here at RPM we carry, install, and repair the top generators from the most well-known name brands in the world. As a top-quality Marine Diesel Service center, you can trust our generator work.

Marine Diesel Engines
The heart of any combustion vehicle or vessel is of course the engine. Engines are violent machines that use the energy of contained explosions to power our cars, trucks, boats, and planes, as well as many many other things. Today’s engines are designed very efficiently, with the mos cutting-edge damage mitigation systems in places such as oil, and coolant. However, even so, they will eventually need to be repaired, replaced, or overhauled. This includes those very same cooling and oil systems as well. It’s important to have your vessel taken to a marine diesel service center on a schedule for regular remanence. This maintenance will greatly reduce the costs of repairs down the line.

Contact RPM Diesel today at: 1-800-660-6304. Let us restore your boat to full operating power!

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