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Delphi Injectors

RPM Diesel Engine Company is an authorized Delphi Injectors factory representative. We are certified to perform Delphi injector reconditioning and work on all aspects of delphi common rail injectors. The amazing thing about a diesel fuel injection service is that it will improve fuel efficiency and increase performance at the same time. If you are looking to get an upgrade in performance – having your Delphi diesel fuel injectors tuned up is the premier choice.

Delphi Diesel Fuel Injectors have forged a reputation for performance and reliability. Delphi Injectors are adaptable to many different environments for diesel engines. Heavy Duty workloads are not an issue for Delphi diesel fuel injectors for either diesel engine direct injection or diesel engine indirect injection. Delphi Injectors are precisely engineered to be compatible with both mechanically and electronically controlled pump line nozzle systems. Delphi diesel fuel injectors can be arranged for a typical bar style layout in both axial feed, side feed or forged body design for an assortment of angled side feed mounting options.

A nozzle valve for a Delphi Diesel Fuel Injector is closed mechanically with high-stress spring with the capabilities to withstand massive loads. Open pressures are precisely set with highly accurate shims. This makes Delphi technology the most demonstrated and reliable for diesel fuel injectors for a common rail. The flexible nature of delphi diesel fuel injectors gives end users the most value and performance for any diesel injector.

Delphi is constantly pursuing new design concepts to improve diesel engine technology. Our long standing proven history with high pressure fuel injection techniques has established Delhi injectors as the true pioneers. Our designs are easily adaptable and that flexibility is what gives the customers the most freedom for their diesel fuel injection systems. Precise injection with minimal service intervals make Delphi diesel fuel injectors the most cost effective solution on the diesel market. Get in touch with RPM Diesel Engine Company if you have any questions about Delphi diesel fuel injectors injectors.

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Delphi Injectors

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