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Engine Additives – RPM Diesel

Engine Additives

RPM Diesel knows that one of the best things you can do for your diesel engine is preventative maintenance. While repairs and overhauls are a great solution if and when something does go wrong, timely and comprehensive servicing can prevent the need for a costly fix. RPM Diesel offers extensive engine maintenance services from oil changes to fuel injector testing. Another great option that RPM offers are various lubricants and engine additives to help prolong the life of your diesel and improve fuel efficiency.

BIOBOR- Biobor is one of the most trusted brands of engine additives in the diesel world. The Biobor company produces many different variants of their products with special properties. Biobor JF is one of the most widely used biocides in diesel engines for the past half decade. Biocides are important because diesel is an organic fuel type. When conditions are right, bacteria can bloom rapidly inside an engine. The resulting biofilm will settle on engine parts and cause large living masses, causing clogging and corrosion. Biobor JF kills of these problem causing bacteria while also aiding in lubrication of the fuel system. Biobor also produces Biobor MD, which is more suited to marine diesel engines. It reduces soot and white smoke emissions and shortens cold-weather warm up times while improving combustion efficiency.

STANADYNE- Stanadyne is comprehensive fuel additive that has many benefits for a diesel engine. Stanadyne meets the requirements for most diesel makes and models and is approved by their OEMs. It is also approved for use in low-sulfur fuel types such as diesel. Stanadyne will:

  • Reduce emissions, wear, and fuel consumption
  • Shorten startup time no matter the conditions
  • Increase horsepower
  • Protect in hot and cold weather
  • Act as an extra system lubricant

POWERGUARD- Powerguard is a line of engine additives, created by Innospec that focuses on the cleanliness and efficiency of the engine’s fuel injectors. Because of the high heat and pressure environment created inside of an engine, some lower grade fuels will begin to decompose. This decomposition causes the formation of deposits on the fuel injection cylinder and nozzles. This results in a less efficient engine overall. Powerguard also boasts some fringe benefits, such as corrosion protection, fuel foaming prevention, and decreased emissions and engine noise.

NALCOOL AND POWERCOOL- The engine additives Nalcool and Powercool are both coolants that are designed to clean the cooling system while regulating temperature. Nalcool protects against overheating, mineral scale formation, and electrolysis. Electrolysis is the result of electricity running through the metal parts of the cooling system. This causes corrosion of the walls of the system. Nalcool works by forming a protective film that acts as a barrier against corrosion. Powercool also protects against overheating and the formation of mineral scale. However it also works to prevent engine dropout. Dropout is the formation of sludge in the engine’s cooling system.

The expert team of technicians at RPM diesel will work with you to create the perfect maintenance plan for your specific make and model of diesel engine. We will recommend the best additives to help keep your engine system running smoothly for years to come. Call RPM diesel at 800-660-6304, check out our website, or come visit us in person at 2775 SW 25th Terrace!

Engine Additives


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