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Repair a Diesel Generator

Marine Diesel Overhaul Florida

Repair a Diesel Generator – RPM

In order to repair a diesel generator, you’ll first have to bring it to a certified mechanic shop such as RPM Diesel to ensure proper repairs. It’s important to fully understand exactly what your Marine Generator is, why you need it, and what to do if it is failing so you can get it repaired properly. A generator of any type- is a motor based machine that converts the energy produced by fuels such as gasoline, or in this case diesel, into electrical energy that can be used by common electronics and appliances. A Marine diesel gen-set- is firstly a generator that specifically uses diesel fuel. secondly, it is designed to use don a marine vessel like a boat, to power the additional electronic features and modern comforts. They are different from non-marine generators because they can be exposed to more consistent moisture in the air- and therefore handle being on a boat for extended periods of time out at sea without failing due to the elements. If your generator fails while out at sea- you may lose functionality for many of your electronic necessities.

When a Generator begins to fail there are usually warning signs. For example, the generator might start to vibrate quite a bit more than usual. It may produce unwanted or even more unusual sounds such as grinding or shaking. The generator might give off smoke, or smell poorly. Lastly, your electronics will stop working completely or begin to behave poorly if the generator is damaged enough. If any of the above situations occur with your Marine Generator its best to seek out a Diesel Generator Repair service, like RPM Diesel Engine Co. We are experts in the marine diesel engine and generator repair business and have an established reputation for taking pride in our work.

When your Generator or engine fails for your marine vessel, you don’t want a technician who is going to use refurbished parts, reuse worn equipment, and rush through a job to “get something working” again. Our Diesel Generator Repair service is thorough, and performed by the highest trained most knowledgeable techs in the industry. Keeping your generator in top shape means having it on a regular maintenance schedule. If you trust RPM diesel with your marine hardware, we will make sure you never get stuck at sea with a failing Generator by thoroughly inspecting your equipment and ensuring it is in the best possible shape it could be. Don’t go sailing blind, make sure you kno what shape your generator is in and bring it to the best Repair and Maintenence service in all of South Florida- RPM Diesel!

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