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General Boat Repairs

Detroit Diesel Repair in Ft. Lauderdale

General Boat Repairs by RPM

General Boat Repairs are a regular part of any boat owner’s life. Machines break down, and you’ll need a top-quality diesel Repair shop like RPM when that happens. Below you’ll find a list of our most requested Diesel Marine vessel Repair services.


Injector repair is not something that can be handled by an unlicensed shop or a novice diesel repair worker. Specialists with specific tools and education are requried.  For this reason, we have established a Bosch-certified ‘clean room’, which is always free of external contaminants, consistently sanitized to ensure a sanitary state, and utilizes HEPA air filters. We also use advanced software straight from Bosch, that can actively monitor the repair process all the way through, from disassembly to repair, to reassembly. . In order to ensure the measurements and comparisons are accurate, our measuring tools and equipment are subjected to a strict bi-weekly recalibration schedule in which these tools are ensured to be correct.

Our repair room for injector services is fully equipped featuring a top-tech BOSCH EPS 815 certified twt bench. This Specialty test bench is able to accurately inspect and test any of the injector systems needed for repair. hat same test bench is also capable of testing CRIN I, II, II, IV injectors as well as CP3 and CP4 model Bosch fuel pumps. Like all our other equipment involved in this process, the test bench is set to specifications derived right from the same equipment used to assemble the injection components at Bosch’s factories.


Generators are key to the electrical component operation and will from time to time need repairs. Many various electrical systems and components that exist on a boat might not be able to run using solely the boat’s alternator and engine. This can range from luxury amenities such as refrigerators, music, television, and movie entertainment, to air conditioning or navigation systems like GPS and onboard communications. The way these components receive their power is with gas or diesel-powered marine generator that exists onboard the boat.  If the generator stops working, these important components won’t have a way to receive power and operate.


One way to enhance the performance of your vessel, particularly as it pertains to the stability and longevity of the boat, is to get an engine overhaul. There are many parts to a marine diesel engine, and over time these parts will begin to fail. Regular maintenance will certainly mitigate the rate of failure, but eventually, some things will simply have to be replaced. At a certain point, these failures can accumulate to where the engine simply isn’t doing what it used to. Getting an overhaul means we take the whole engine apart, and inspect each portion. We then install high-quality performance replacement parts and ensure the engine is running beyond its factory expectations. Results are enhanced performing, longer-lasting engine with increased mileage as well.

RPM diesel performs maintenance and repairs on every aspect of your diesel engines and generators, not just the fuel injection. For more information about our services, or to learn how you can get on a regular maintenance schedule, call today at  1-800-660-6304

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